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Homeroom 3-D
A lively and youthful group enjoying life! These four are athletic students who are very close and always stick with each other. For example, they always study together before a huge test and even play with each other during the holidays! A talented group who has amazing athletic skills, please support Class 3-D!


Momota idAlan idRyu idTatsumi id


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Music Videos

【ボイきら】「特別ムービー制作」応援キャンペーン!3-D編「青春マッスル! 」

【ボイきら】「特別ムービー制作」応援キャンペーン!3-D編「青春マッスル! 」

【ボイきら】『Summer Magic』試聴動画

【ボイきら】『Summer Magic』試聴動画

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