There are four event types in Boykira:

  1. きらめき Show Time♪ / Show Time Events
  2. メキメキ!うでまえ急上昇 / Mekimeki Leveling Events 
  3. つないで!アンコール / Encore Events
  4. がむしゃらバトルマッチ / Battle Match Events

Not only are there event costumes you can get from tiering and by reaching point goals, but there are Limited Edition costumes that tie in with the event itself and they go away as soon as the event has ended. There are also costumes are called target costumes. The costumes can help you receive more points during an event which is quite useful for people that would like to reach the Platinum/Gold/Silver tiers. You receive one target costume from the points and the other from the limited gacha. Certain limited costumes will give you a bonus, they’re indicated in game and specified on the official twitter too.

Ever since the new big update, these are the point multipliers for events:

  • Limited 4★ - 130% (190% if step-up reaches MAX)
  • Limited 3★ - 115% (145% if step-up reaches MAX)
  • Limited 2★ - 103% (109% if step-up reaches MAX)
  • Event 2★ - 102% (106% if step up reaches MAX)

Some general tips:

  • Keep track of your LP!
  • If you’re gonna tier, you’re gonna have to prepare to spend a lot of crystals!
  • Only if it’s possible, scout to receive the target costumes in the Limited Gacha (be warned that it could result 1000 crystals gone down the drain so think about either spending 1000 crystals for a 10 scout just to receive target costumes or spending it all on the event)
  • Look back on past events to get a general idea on how much points you’ll need to reach certain tiers. (click here for a link of past event cutoffs by tumblr user kurumiya!)
  • Full combo songs and receive an S Score and play on EXPERT mode! If EXPERT is difficult for you, then play on HARD mode!
  • If you’re really dedicated, set up an alarm for when your LP resets to max (take care of yourself and get some sleep though)

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