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Sakurafes chapter1
Chapter 1
Chibi ren trans I'm sorry to have asked everyone to come here so suddenly after school.

Students of homeroom 3-C, vanitas, Mayama-sensei, and Ichinose-sensei. I have invited you all here today to ask a favor.

Chibi aoi trans Fufu, looks like Saku was invited for two reasons then.
Chibi saku trans Looks like it.
Chibi arashi trans Ooh, you seem happy, Saku. Make sure not to embarrass Saku-chan too much today, okay Rin-chan~?
Chibi rinto trans What? What the hell do you mean by that?!
Chibi chisato trans That thing you do where you get angry really fast.
Chibi arashi trans Though it's because Chisato bullies him a lot that Rinto gets unnecessarily heated up~
Chibi kurogiri Master Ren would like to begin speaking. Everyone, please refrain from murmuring.
Chibi ren trans It's alright, Kurogiri. Friendship is a beautiful thing, or so they say.
Chibi rikyo trans It seems that today I was not called for fortunetelling.
Chibi ren trans That's right. There is an event that I'd like to see everyone participate in. In one month from now, there will be an event called "Cherry Blossom Festival" at Fujimigahama Beach.
Chibi chisato trans How nostalogic. Before, I remember Rinto was looking forward to setting a stall there...?
Chibi rinto trans L-looking forward my ass!
Chibi ren trans Well, it's best that you're familiar with it. Fujishiro Academy has been asked to do a live performance at the festival.
Chibi chisato trans So I'm assuming vanitas... aren't the only ones who are performing.
Chibi ren trans That's right. Not just everyone in vanitas, Kuwakado and Tsukuyomi, and I myself would personally like to participate somehow as well.

I've asked Mayama-sensei and Ichinose-sensei to help us out for this event too.

Chibi mayama trans This time the both of us will be your special advisers, but we'll also be supporting you all.
Chibi gaku trans We'll be cheering for you so that everyone can do a great performance.
Chibi ren trans Are there any objections?
Chibi saku trans As vanitas we have no issues. We'll participate.
Chibi aoi trans Tsukuyomi and I would probably be doing back-stage work mostly, but we'll make sure to give it our all.
Chibi ren trans Thank you for your cooperation. Well then, about the role division, it would be like Kuwakado just mentioned.
Chibi arashi trans Mh-hmm. Leave the performance to vanitas!
Chibi ren trans That's very reassuring. Since I'm also fond of playing instruments, would I be able to perform together with you as well...?
Chibi rinto trans ...Isn't the instrument that the council president plays totally different from the ones used in a band?
Chibi chisato trans Well, it'd be us handling the mash-up then. Because we're not amateurs.
Chibi ren trans Fufu... how exciting. Everyone in vanitas, I look forward to playing with you.

Now then, I would like to ask the vocalist whose singing is the pride of our school, Kagami-kun, to do the vocals for this event. Would that be alright?

Chibi saku trans Of course, I don't mind. I'll make sure to go all out.
Chibi ren trans Thank you. Alright thenー
Chibi rikyo trans ...Could you wait a minute?
Chibi ren trans What's the matter?
Chibi rikyo trans Saku... probably should not be the vocalist. I cannot see a future where Saku is singing for that day...
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