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Inui Kotaro
Units Seiran's Student Council
Year 3rd Year
Club Seiran's Student Council
Age 18
Height 186cm
Weight 77kg
Blood Type O
Birthday April 11th
Favorite Snack Gyuudon
Hobby Walking his dog
Voice Actor 武内 駿輔 (Takeuchi Shunsuke)

Inui rs chart.jpg
Kannagi MitsuruKido SenjiNomiya IchigoFuwa KeishiShinonome TatsumiSumeragi AlanSagisaka Shu
Translated and cleaned by kurumiya.

He is the vice president of Seiran's student council and also happens to be a model. He looks intimidating and is expressionless at times, but he actually just doesn't think about a lot of things. He also tends to be a bit intimidating and acts like a fool sometimes. Kotaro is especially close with Kannagi Mitsuru ever since he was young and believes he's always right. Additionally, he has been trained in every martial art and as a result, he is very strong.