Izumi Chikanojo

Izumi Chikanojo 1

Units charmtista
Year 2nd Year
Club Beauty Research Club
Age 17
Height 182cm
Weight 64kg
Blood Type AB
Birthday May 12th
Favorite Snack Nikuman
Hobby Blogging, Beauty research
Voice Actor 岸尾だいすけ (Kishio Daisuke)

A handsome student who aims on being a professional makeup artist, however he speaks like a high school girl bringing a comical atmosphere. Chikanojo loves to update his blog and his SNS frequently, he receives a lot of support from women not only in school, but all around Japan too because of his distinguishing appearance and aura. He introduces himself as Chika-chan.

4★ and 3★ Costumes

2★ and 1★ Costumes

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