Kido Senji
城戸 戦治

Kido Senji 1

Units Seiran's Student Council
Year 2nd Year
Club Seiran's Student Council
Age 17
Height 179cm
Weight 65kg
Blood Type A'
Birthday October 23
Favorite Snack Napolitan
Hobby Martial arts spectating
Voice Actor 増田 俊樹 (Masuda Toshiki)

A handsome student that is a part of the student council at Seiran Academy and is also the member of the idol group "TRIACT." However, he is also a son of a gang family. Because of this, Senji is a bit of a rude person, but he isn't just mindlessly ruthless and will not forgive any injustices. As for his peers, he respects Kannagi Mitsuru but hates Inui Kotaro. Senji thinks that Inui is just Kannagi's lapdog. Senji used to be a child actor, and there's someone at Fujishiro that he used to be close with.

4★ and 3★ Costumes

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