Kitagawa Shota
喜多川 翔太

Kitagawa Shota 1

Units 2-B
Year 2nd Year
Club Going Home Club
Age 18
Height 177cm
Weight 66kg
Blood Type A
Birthday July 9th
Favorite Snack Nikujaga
Hobby Saving money
Voice Actor KENN

He is kind and considerate and also the class’s mood maker. Even if he’s a considerate person who can read the atmosphere, he’ll still call out to the person if he/she is in trouble. He actually grew up in an orphanage but he doesn’t particularly care about that.

4★ and 3★ Costumes

2★ and 1★ Costumes


  • He always travels back to him hometown, the town he was born in, every year during his birthday.
  • When Shota was a kid, he hated his real parents and constantly has thoughts like “If you’re going to throw me away then why give birth to me in the first place?”.
  • Whenever he makes plans to go out with someone, he’ll always reach the meeting spot earlier than planned to wait for the others.
  • He loves animals.
  • Shota believes in a lot of superstitious things such as “making a prayer upon a full moon and it’ll help you grant your wish” and “apple peeling divination during Halloween”.
  • His best friend is Hirose Kai.
  • Shota saves money as a hobby to donate it to the orphanage he used to stay in. He took up a part time job and earn money from there. He also changes part time jobs often and gain different experiences from them. He learn a lot of things from his part time jobs too such tips to make takoyakis.
  • He has a cat named “Myako”. He got her when he was 7 years old. The cat has 3 coloured fur. Myako is currently 10 years old.
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