Kitashiro Takeru
北城 猛

Kitashiro Takeru 1

Units 2-A
Year 2nd Year
Club Going Home Club
Age 17
Height 188cm
Weight 79kg
Blood Type B
Birthday June 26th
Favorite Snack Cream puffs
Hobby Gaming
Voice Actor 小野 大輔 (Ono Daisuke)

Takeru rs chart
Kisaragi TomaMoribe KuniharuSerizawa Yuri
Translated by June and cleaned by Dee.

A tall student who seems intimidating. Takeru speaks very rudely. He doesn't come to school often and causes trouble, but he just doesn't know how to socialize properly. He also has a secret gaming side to him, where he plays FPS games and does online gaming.

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