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How to Download the Game

Via QooApp on Android:
  1. Visit QooApp! Make sure your phone allows 3rd party apps!
  2. Afterwards search for the Boykira app. It should be straightforward from here, simply click download!
Via iOS App Store:
  1. You must create a Japanese iTunes account to download this game. This reddit thread has a pretty good walkthrough on how to make a Japanese Apple account.
  2. Once you have access to the Japanese Store, search for "ボーイフレンド(仮)きらめきノート" and you should be able to find the app.
  3. The game is free, so all you need to do is click download.

User Interface

  1. Rank - Self-explanatory.
  2. Crystals - Used for scouting or refilling the LP bar.
  3. Goal - Tells you what you need to do next to unlock the next story. Tapping this will lead you to a screen where it shows you what songs and what stories are unlocked at certain ranks.
  4. Current Events - This will bring you to the event going on right now, or to the gacha screen, or a special event!
  5. Presents - Self-explanatory. You can collect 10 presents at a time.
  6. Missions - Tapping this brings you to the Main, Daily, and Birthday missions.
  7. Kirameki Stage - This is Boykira's version of an idol roadmap!
  8. Story - Self-explanatory.

Beginner Tasks

Beginner tasks

These are the New Student missions that are in this game! Tapping the buttons will lead you into related areas in order to complete these tasks! One of them is already cleared when you’re starting on in the tutorial, so you didn’t miss anything.

Finishing every single missions rewards you 600x Crystals! If you’ve saved everything up, you should have 1050x Crystals in total! That’s enough for one 10 scout!


Over on the Normal Gacha, you can scout using Friend Points to gain 1★/2★ costumes and even have the chance of getting leveling items!

Over on the Premium Gacha, you can use 50x paid crystals a day to solo scout. 100x Crystals for one scout and 1000x Crystals for a 10 scout. Here are the rates:

  • 4★ - 2%
  • 3★ - 10%
  • 2★ - 88%

Guaranteed 3★:

  • 4★ - 2%
  • 3★ - 98%

Additionally, you can receive more information and detail just by tapping the small button near the character. By the way, here's the way to tell if you got a 3★ or a 4★!

STEP Gacha

Step gacha page

To scout in this box, you must BUY crystals. If you're on iOS, you'll need to buy a Japanese iTunes Card, but if you're on Android then you'll need to have a payment method set up on your account.

Typically, the STEP gacha either has 5 steps or 10 steps! 10 steps usually occur when there are two 4★ costumes and 5 steps occur when there's only one 4★ costume.

For the 5 steps it usually means:

  • You will get the featured character from the 5 pulls.

For the 10 steps, depending on which characters are available it means:

  • For steps 1-5, you will get (character1).
  • For steps 6-10, you will definitely get (character1).
  • For steps 1-10, you will definitely get (character2).

It may sound confusing, but essentially, if you do not get character2, in your first pull, then you'd get him on your second, and if you fail to get him still, then it just keeps going until you finally get him. If you have bad luck, this may take the entire 10 pulls just to get your desired character.

For every pull, they do have small bonuses, such as your first paid pull having a 3% 4★ rate instead of the usual 2%. You're also able to get Gold keys and Moon gems! This resets as well, so after you're done doing 5 or 10 steps, on your first step you'll have a 3% rate again and so on!



This is the main Costumes page. You are able to check for your Costumes through the コスチュームリスト/Costumes List button. You cannot manually increase the maximum of costumes you can have unless you're close to the limit. You increase the limit by 10 for 20 Crystals.



Here, we can edit the team members, the team name, automatically optimize the team, change which DX skills are active, and view Character bonuses! You have a total of 11 units to create! Ideally, you’d want a team of the same Attribute, and the higher your performance points are in the unit, you’ll be able to reach new high scores easily.

A key component to unit composition is considering how to include Character Groups. Character Groups provide a bonus to gaining more gems, food, and your Performance attribute. While this game does include official units, there are also certain characters you could bring together to form a strong team. You can check for other character groups through the Character Profiles screen.

Members Performance Snacks Gems
2 x1.02 x1.05 x1.05
3 x1.03 x1.10 x1.10
4 x1.04 x1.15 x1.10

Step Up

If you’re familiar with the original mobage, Boyfriend Kari, you'll notice that this feature is similar to the original game! But if you’re not familiar with this feature, Step-up is a feature in Boykira where you can take a copy of the same costume and use it to increase the stats of the costume. As you continue to step-up a costume, it becomes more expensive to do! The maximum amount of times you can step up is two!

One of the main reasons why it's important to step-up a costume, is so that the costume reaches it's maximum potential! A costume becomes stronger through the step-up feature. Another reason why you’d want to try and step-up costumes is so that you can gain keys to gain access to certain character stories!

Kirameki Stage

Kiramekistage 1

This is basically an idol roadmap. Here, we can upgrade the Performance and Life of a card! There are LOCK signs and you can unlock them through a Step Up or use 60x Large/Moon Gems. Additionally, if you step-up a card, you must fill the proficiency/熟練度 (the clover icons) to MAX to remove these LOCK signs.

There are three types of Gems:

  • Small (Diamond)
  • Medium (Star)
  • Large (Moon)

These gems are required to progress through the map. Alternatively, if you want, you can use Crystals, however, I don’t recommend this, especially since it can be very expensive.


Foodscreen 2

When you play a song in this game, you may notice you receive cute snacks! By giving a student their favorite snack, you unlock new lines and motions for them.

The 3 most centered people in a unit will gain the most snacks. It appears that other snacks that you receive are just random. If you plan on collecting snacks for your favorite character, it is recommended to play on EASY mode for efficiency and the snack gain is the same across all difficulties.



There are three types of Missions! You have Main missions, Daily missions, and Birthday missions!

Main Missions

Mission Reward
Reach Rank 10/25/35. 3★ Heart DX Skill Pin/1★ Spade Barbell/1★ Egg Egg-plain
S Rank (Score/FC) 5/15/25 songs. 1★ Heart Barbell ×3/1★ EggEgg-plain/20x Crystals Item-crystal
Read 1/5/15 Character episodes. 1★ Clover Barbell ×3/1★ EggEgg-plain/20x Crystals Item-crystal
Get 1/5/15 character episode keys. 3★ Diamond DX Skill Pin/1★ Joker Barbell/20x Crystals Item-crystal
Follow the official Twitter account. 20x Crystals Item-crystal
Add the official LINE account. 20x Crystals Item-crystal
Add a character photo in your room. 20x Crystals Item-crystal
Customize your own profile. 20x Crystals Item-crystal
Send a friend request. 20x Crystals Item-crystal
Add the following units to your room and view their conversations:

  1. vanitas
  2. 3-D
  3. 2-A
  4. Four Heavenly Kings
20x Crystals each (80 in total) Item-crystal
Step Up a costume once. 20x Crystals Item-crystal
Accept a friend request. 3000x Mel Item-mel
10 Scout in the Premium Gacha once. 3000x Mel Item-mel
Raise a student's friendship level to 5/10/15/20 by feeding them their favorite snack. 3★ Joker DX Skill Pin/1★ Heart Barbells ×3/20x CrystalsItem-crystal/20x Crystals Item-crystal
Have 1/2/3/5 Unit photos. 3★ Heart DX Skill Pin/1★ Spade Barbells ×3/1★ EggEgg-plain/20x Crystals Item-crystal
Sell a costume. 1★ Diamond Barbells ×3
Raise a costume's DX Skill. 20x Crystals Item-crystal
Clear a song with the character singing a song they're featured in. 3000x Mel Item-mel
Clear a song with a group bonus. 20x Crystals Item-crystal
View a relationship chart of any character. 20x Crystals Item-crystal

Daily Missions

Mission Reward
Scout once in the Normal Gacha. 1000x Mel Item-mel
Power up any costume. 200x Friend Points Item-friend
Communicate with any character. 1000x Mel Item-mel
Feed 2 students their favorite snack. 1000x Mel Item-mel
Collect 30 medium gems. 200x Friend Points Item-friend
Complete all dailies. 10x Crystals Item-crystal


Moviemode page

By tapping the MOVIE button, you can access the songs that the player is able to view in MOVIE mode. In this mode, you can simply watch the cute chibi models dance! You can even select a stage as well. The maximum amount of people you can have in an MV, is 5. You do not have to have 5 members either! This mode is perfect if you just want to take cute screenshots and enjoy the cute dance motions as well.

Gameplay Settings

The first photo is the Game Mode settings. You can edit the tap sounds, whether if you want to display the PV in full 3D or partial 3D, or in simple 2D mode.

The second photo displays the note speeds, with 1 being the slowest and 11 being the fastest. It is usually recommended that songs that have more notes to be played with on a high speed and songs that don't have that much notes to be played on a low speed.

Beyond that is editing the sound settings, changing the tap sound, and changing the timing as well.

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