Mibu Taiga

Mibu Taiga 1

Units Four Heavenly Kings
Year 3rd Year
Club BMX Club
Age 18
Height 176cm
Weight 64kg
Blood Type O
Birthday June 23rd
Favorite Snack Gratin
Hobby BMX Bike Riding
Voice Actor 柿原徹也 (Kakihara Tetsuya)

Taiga relationships
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Translated and cleaned by yaotomesoba.

A former child actor, but is now a BMX pro rider. Taiga is also a part of the Four Heavenly Knights. He is an active person, but has yet to experience his first love. He is the son of a famous actor and a president of a general trading firm.

4★ and 3★ Costumes

1★ and 2★ Costumes


  • His older sister is a model who goes by the stage name Karen.
  • His mother is an actress.
  • His best subjects are physical education and English.
  • He doesn't like carrots.
  • Character songs: Fly High, ☆Make Your Stage, 君が答えに辿り着くまで
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