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Moce chapter7
Chapter 7
Chibi shota trans
Chibi shu trans
The stars are pretty tonight……
Chibi chikanojo trans
Shu, compared to when you said ‘pretty’ today, that’s cuter♪
Chibi motoi trans
Wow…. There are so many people in the audience…!
Chibi masato trans
When I look at all the people I can feel my my heart pounding!
Chibi natsuki trans
Whenever I feel anxious I try thinking that I’m in a field…
Chibi shota trans
Well then, all right!! Let’s go everyone!!
Young Girl: It’s going to start soon~!
Young Boy: Ehehe, I looking forward to it!
Prince chan
(Ahh…. Everyone’s coming up on stage!)
At the stage...
MoCE Kengo
Chibi minato trans
Ladies & Gentlemen & Boys and Girls! Merry Christmas!
Audience: Merry Christmas!
Chibi kengo trans
Now then, everyone! Have you downloaded the app!? Well then, please touch your phones!
Chibi motoi trans
T-The illumination is lighting up!
Female Student A: Wow amazing! It's really lighting up!
Female Student B: What kind of tech is this? The person who made this app is amazing!
At the stage...
MoCE Chikanojo
Chibi chikanojo trans
Everyone~! Merry Christmas!
Audience Member: It’s Izumi-chan! I always go on your blog!
Chibi chikanojo trans
Thank you♪ Have fun today!
Young Girl: Ah Shota-niichan is coming out!
Young Boy: Ehehe, Shota-niichan’s an angel!
At the stage...
MoCE shota
Chibi shota trans
Everyone! Did you get your presents~? Let’s ring them together on my signal!
Young Girl: Ring-a-ling! Let’s sing Christmas songs too!
Audience Member: Hey little girl, have a look at the illuminations!
Young Girl: Oh, it’s shinning in time with with my bell!
Young Boy: Amazing! It looks like magic!
Chibi shota trans
Hehe, everyone, let’s get even more pumped up! And then, we will make it a Christmas full of smiles! I hope that this is a wonderful Christmas present for everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
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