Moribe Kuniharu
守部 匡治

Moribe Kuniharu 1

Units 2-A, Seishiro's Student Council
Year 2nd Year
Club Student Council
Age 17
Height 175cm
Weight 60kg
Blood Type A
Birthday July 2nd
Favorite Snack Pickles
Hobby Making pickles
Voice Actor 梶 裕貴 (Kaji Yūki)

Moribe others
Kisaragi TomaTokimune KurogiriKitashiro TakeruSaionji Ren
Translated and cleaned by yaotomesoba.

A perfectionist and meddlesome "mom." He is the vice president of the student council. He is a very responsible and strict person, most likely because he is the eldest of 5 siblings. He cooks the packed lunch of his family and also does the cleaning and the laundry.

He belongs to the same class as the heroine, Kisaragi Toma, and Kitashiro Takeru; often nagging the last two for being the class delinquents.

4★ and 3★ Costumes

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