Nomiya Ichigo

Nomiya Ichigo 1

Units ?
Year 1st Year
Club Going home club
Age 15
Height 161cm
Weight 49kg
Blood Type A
Birthday 3/28
Favorite Snack Chocolate cake
Hobby Playing the keyboard and Dressing up
Voice Actor 山下 大輝 (Daiki Yamashita)

An otokonoko (boy who dresses femininely) singer-songwriter who’s very popular with teens. A selfish and cynical narcissist, though he really isn’t a bad person at heart. He loves fashion, and calls himself “the cutest boy in the universe”. Also wears unisex clothing. There’s a boy in Fujishiro he used to attend elementary school with, and they both see each other as rivals.

4★ and 3★ Costumes

2★ and 1★ Costumes

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