Okuyui Nozomi
奥結 望

Okuyui Nozomi 1

Units Kitchen Zue
Year 3rd Year
Club Going Home Club
Age 18
Height 175cm
Weight 64kg
Blood Type O
Birthday January 21st
Favorite Snack Chicken
Hobby Cooking
Voice Actor 入野自由 (Irino Miyu)

Nozomi rs chart
Tsutsumi SeishiroOusaka HiromuMomokoshi HaruMibu Taiga
Translated by June and cleaned by Dee.

He's loved both cooking and eating since he was young, so his cooking abilities are like a pro's, but he's not very good at anything else. He loves physical contact and loves leaning on other people. Rather than acting according to the atmosphere, he's the kind that acts however he wants like a young child.

4★ and 3★ Costumes

2★ and 1★ Costumes


  • He has two older brothers that he calls "Ichi-nii" and "Nii-nii", respectively.
  • His father is a photographer and both of his parents live overseas.
  • Character songs: Happy Cooking!, I wanna know, Cookin' Makin' Love
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