Saeba Shin
冴刃 シン

Saeba Shin 1

Units ?
Year 2nd Year
Club Going Home Club
Age 18
Height 179cm
Weight 70kg
Blood Type B
Birthday December 3rd
Favorite Snack Lamb Meat
Hobby Making accessories and instruments
Voice Actor 林 勇 (Hayashi Yuu)

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Translated and cleaned by kurumiya.

Shin is the charismatic vocalist of the band Werwolf. He's a bad-mannered person and acts recklessly. He's a talented person with great musical sense, and he doesn't really try to show off, but he has great confidence and loves the rock genre very much. Shin has lived in America for 5 years. There's somebody at Fujishiro Academy that used to be a part of his band.

His immediate family is composed of him, his mother (Saeba Mari) and his dad. Nomiya Ichigo, a first year student at Seiran, is his cousin.

4★ and 3★ Costumes

2★ and 1★Costumes


  • Shin's mother is remarried, so the man Shin's living with is his stepfather, but he still acknowledges him as his dad.
  • He almost always refers to his mother by her first name. If not that, then he'd go with old hag.
  • He sometimes gifts the silver accessories he makes, since he gives one to the MC in one of his episodes in the game.
  • His favourite subject is English.
  • He dislikes any food that has a weak taste to it.
  • Character songs: wanna be, ☆ Make Your Stage(星蘭学院ver.)
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