Saionji Ren

Saionji Ren 1

Units Four Heavenly Kings
Year 3rd Year
Club Student Council, Ikebana Club
Age 18
Height 183cm
Weight 67kg
Blood Type A
Birthday December 24th
Favorite Snack Daifuku
Hobby Ikebana, classical music appreciation, meditation
Voice Actor 福山潤 (Fukuyama Jun)

President of the Student Council, his extremely beautiful smile and overall exquisiteness has gained a great number of fans among the female students. Always polite and elegant, is believed to be an educated young man, but his aura changes into an energy filled with sensuality and sex appeal once alone.

As a part of the distinguished Saionji family, is one of “Fujishiro’s Four Heavenly Kings”.

4★ and 3★ Costumes

2★ and 1★ Costumes


  • Is known as “Daifuku-senpai” within his inner circle, because he loves daifuku too much.
  • His manner of speech turns extremely suggestive.
  • Has an awfully bad sense of direction (can get lost easily).
  • He literally calls out at cats saying “nya”.
  • Can play the violin.
  • His best school subject is Arts.
  • His disliked food is Ramen.
  • His sleep quality is good. Sleeps on his side, showing a beautiful expression.
  • Eyesight: 1.0 
  • His intro tagline in Boyfriend Kari is "The fascinating student council president whose eyes light up a tender and passionate awakening of love" 
  • Character songs: 『華模様』『君が答えに辿り着くまで』『華は絢爛』『桜の約束~始まりの場所~』
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