Sumeragi Alan

Sumeragi Alan 1

Units 3-D, Indomitable Martial Artists
Year 3rd Year
Club Kendo Club
Age 18
Height 185cm
Weight 70kg
Blood Type A
Birthday April 13th
Favorite Snack Sashimi
Hobby Collecting triangle tapestries
Voice Actor 高梨謙吾 (Takanashi Kengo)

Alan is the third prince of the Kingdom of Basille kingdom. His full name is Alan Claris Basille. His mother is Japanese and told him many stories about Japan when he was younger. Because he never really learned much about Japan, his Japanese skills are not very good. After he graduates from high school, Alan must return back to Basille.

4★ and 3★ Costumes

2★ and 1★ Costumes


  • He likes to sleep on his side while hugging a pillow.
  • His best subject is english.
  • Character songs: S.G.K, 青春マッスル!(Youth Muscle!), 極!武士の道も一歩から (Extreme! From The First Step Of A Warrior's Path), Summer Magic
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