Takatsukasa Masaomi
鷹司 正臣

Takatsukasa Masaomi 1

Units Four Heavenly Kings
Year 3rd Year
Club Going Home Club
Age 18
Height 183cm
Weight 68kg
Blood Type O
Birthday November 3rd
Favorite Snack Rice with grilled meat sauce on top
Hobby None
Voice Actor 谷山 紀章 (Taniyama Kishō)

Masa relationships
Saionji RenKujo KishinSerizawa YuriMibu Taiga
Translated and cleaned by yaotomesoba.

An all-rounder, handsome gentleman. He does not have any particular hobbies but he excels in almost anything that he does, except for drawing; in which he does not seem to be aware of his own lack of skill.

He wants to be friends with his classmate, Serizawa Yuri, because the latter has something he is very passionate about (anime, etc.); a contrast to his own lack of interests.

His family is composed of a grandfather, a father, a mother, and an older brother. His older brother (Washibain Masaomi) is the board chairman of Fujishiro Academy, thus he is using his mother's old surname at school to be discreet of this connection and other reasons.

He is childhood friends with Saionji Ren, Kujo Kishin and Mibu Taiga.

4★ and 3★ Costumes

1★ and 2★ Costumes


  • He is wary of romance due to the many girls that try to get close to him because of his status and wealth.
  • He sleeps face-up.
  • He doesn't like melon because it makes his tongue go numb.
  • He plays the piano and finds classical music relaxing.
  • Character songs: ありふれた言いたい事なんて言わないよ君にだけは, ☆MAKE YOUR STAGE, 君が答えにたどり着くまで, Respect x Respect
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