Tokimune Kurogiri
黒霧 時宗

Tokimune Kurogiri 1

Units Fujishiro's Student Council
Year 3rd Year
Club Fujishiro's Student Council
Age unknown
Height 185cm
Weight 73kg
Blood Type B
Birthday February 12 (Aquarius)
Favorite Snack None (Refreshment: Ginger Tea)
Hobby Rocks
Voice Actor 羽多野 渉 (Hatano Wataru)

The ruthless and politely insolent attendant of the Saionji family.

In charge of serving the Saionji household, he’s Ren’s exclusive attendant. A scary guy, has an extremely bitter, cynical and condescending attitude towards anyone aside from his patrons, or those deemed as worthy of recognition. Carries on his orders in a perfectly robotic, indifferent manner, and helps around with the student council that’s under Ren Saionji’s leadership.

He can be rude to anyone, even with the heroine and Ren's friends.

4★ and 3★ Costumes

2★ and 1★ Costumes


  • Kurogiri’s hobby is... rocks. He seems to explore the open spaces in the Mibu and Kujo households, looking for natural stones and stone lanterns and stares fixatedly at them. Has the same behavior in his own home.
  • He's good at every school subject.
  • Character songs: 『華は絢爛』(The Blossoms Are Brilliant),『鎖のImpatience』(Chained Impatience)
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