Tsutsumi Seishiro

Tsutsumi Seishiro 1

Units Kitchen Zue
Year 3rd Year
Club Going Home Club
Age 19
Height 182cm
Weight 73kg
Blood Type O
Birthday September 9th (Virgo)
Favorite Snack Apple (Because he can eat them without preparation)
Hobby Motorcycling
Voice Actor 諏訪部順一 (Suwabe Junichi)

A young master strictly raised as the successor of a family of politicians.

Without being able to deal with his feelings, had a stormy phase as a problematic middle schooler, but now has managed to calm down. Uninterested in others, stays as a lone wolf that mingles with no one. Has a strong sense of justice, and is also very smart.

4★ and 3★ Costumes

2★ and 1★ Costumes


  • He was involved in an incident at school which ended up in violence, causing him to be held back a grade and avoided by most of the other students.
  • Since his mother did Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremonies, he also learned the process in his childhood.
  • Has a little brother.
  • His father is a politician, but since his behavior and attitude are hypocritical, Seishiro considers him as a bad example to follow.
  • He gets along well with Okuyui Nozomi who works part-time at the same restaurant, Kitchen Zue.
  • Likes to protect and take care of children.
  • Bad sleeping habits. Due to late work shifts, tends to oversleep and be late for (or skip) school.
  • Disliked food: Vegetables in general
  • Eyesight: Perfect
  • His best school subject is Physical Education.
  • Character songs: 『I wanna know』『夕暮れ、ロンリーライダー』(Dusk, Lonely Rider)『Cookin' Makin' Love』
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